Wednesday, August 1, 2012


it's been so stinkin hot here that we've had a hard time finding fun things to do during the day.  the grass is brown and pokey, and it's no fun to be out very long.  i know it got hot in illinois too, but this hot spell of temps above 100 has lasted and lasted.

the splash park isn't so crowded early in the morning, and we had it to ourselves this time.  the kids had fun running thru the water and playing in the "car wash" (in the first pic).

with school about to start, we're hanging on to every opportunity for fun together.  thing 1 will go to preK, so it's just mornings.  but, it's every morning.  and thing 2 still needs to sleep every afternoon.  so, we're off to enjoy ourselves as much as we can!


  1. WOW! Just saw today's post with the temperature on it. It's ridiculously hot by you.... our heat is nothing compared to yours. The water is a great idea for keeping kids occupied!

  2. Cute pics. Love the brother, sister Love pic.