Tuesday, October 4, 2011

eat this, not that!

i checked out a couple of these books from the library - one for kids, and one for supermarkets

my overall impression:  pertinent info, interesting presentation, thought provoking.

3 things i learned: 

  1.  the american heart association label on foods is something that companies pay to use.  yes, there are criteria, but the label's on crazy things like instant oatmeal - which has so much sugar it's not really that healthy, but has met a "standard" for something like saturated fat.
  2. every bite contains a choice.  i found it odd that the "original sun chips" were on an EAT THIS page in one book, and on a NOT THAT page in another book.  the nutritional facts don't change.  recommended as a good choice for a corn chip, but a bad choice for a crunchy snack.  hmmm..... 
  3. calorie counts might be wrong by as much as 10%!  items are packaged on the "heavy" side because the company can be penalized for having less in the package than stated.  (not that i'm a calorie counter...)
and, just for fun.  yep, something i didn't learn.  anything you make at home out of "real" ingredients is always better for you (and prolly just all around better, too) than something from a convenience package.  that tidbit was hit on 83,295 times in these books, so it's a good thing i already knew it.

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