Sunday, October 23, 2011

friday night camp out...

... in the living room, that is!  i mentioned it to thing 1 friday afternoon to see what he'd think about it.  he got pretty excited - as in, "c'mon, let's go get our jammies on!"  i explained to him that we'd wait for daddy to come home, have supper, etc first.  boo.

we had a bit of wrestling and played several rounds of "peep-ab-boo" before settling down to sleep:
eventually everyone konked out, but thing 2 ended up in her crib because she decided (a few times) that she'd rather explore the house in the dark than snuggle in with us.  she was actually quite pleased to see her bed.  i think she was a little confused by the whole ordeal, but seemed to enjoy the pre-bedtime festivities.

glad these stages are fun too, because these kiddos are certainly not babies anymore!


  1. Fun! Fun! Fun! Camping without bugs is always great!

  2. I love how easy it is to make kids happy :)

  3. What fun - we had to chuckle at lil miss wandering the house in the dark!