Monday, October 10, 2011

our "fens"

so happy that our "fens" came to visit us, but now we're missing them even more!  we're trying to be glad for the time we got together, and like looking at pictures of them on the "capoo-r." 

a few pics of our fun:
it's ok.  i always focus on the scenery when i'm driving.

at the zoo -

"let's draw a choo-choo train"
(interpretation:  draw a choo-choo train!)
and there's the "moke" coming out

sunday lunch.  i took a lot of pictures, but sadly this is the only one that was worth posting.  cheesy boys!

thanks so much for making the drive!  we loved it.


  1. Cute kids! Is that L's mom? Excited to see you all again very soon!!

  2. Yep, it is! We're getting all ready for you :)