Tuesday, October 18, 2011

monster truck party!

this party seemed a little more last-minute than normal because:

      • we weren't sure exactly when daddy would be getting home from a business trip
      • we had planned to do a camping/s'mores/bonfire theme but the current burn ban had no signs of going away in time for the party
      • lots of other things going on as usual

but, since we are getting pretty good at last-minute business around here and had the help of 4 grandparents, it went well!  thanks, guys!!

pix of the party:

a truck and a balloon for each kiddo 
pulled pork, chips, fruit, cheese, and don't forget - sugary drinks!!
ryker, jett, alivia, and jacob
reid having a second helping of cake when no one was watching.  what a lil cutie!


  1. A fun party for an extra-special 4-year-old -- so glad we got to be there!!

  2. Looks like lots of good birthday celebrations!! Can't believe he's already 4?!?! Seriously...where does the time go? Happy birthday, Ryker!!

  3. Love the dirt on the tires. Looks like you did fabulous with little time to plan/decorate.

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday to Ryker!! He has the most adorable smile!!!

  5. Seriously, that cake is so cool and I love the party favors. Looks like a great party....now, I must plan Sam's...