Sunday, October 16, 2011

bed frames!

these are the twin bed frames that used to be in my room when i was a little girl.  since mom & dad are cleaning out extra stuff, we said we'd take them.  i decided to give them a coat of white paint, but it took a little longer than i thought to finish them.  who would've guessed?!?

i was pretty happy with a spray paint i found at lowe's that was a paint and primer combo.  time saver, right?  well, maybe.  these particular cans had a tendency to spit out a gob or 2 of paint when the can was juuuust about empty.  boo.

so, we ended up hauling these babies out of the garage a couple of times for a couple of sanding/touch up sessions before declaring them finished.  the paint took a realllllly long time to dry completely, and then it was hard to find time to drag everything out again.  but, at last we're ready to move on! 

they're going in a little guy's room, after all.  how long will they really stay smooth?  not long, i say.  especially because this particular little guy has a little sister, and 1 boy + 1 girl = rambunction.  (is that even a word?  hmmm.)

we finally got them finished and placed in the house just in time for our buddies to visit last weekend.  take a look!  oh wait, we had to take time to sit on the choo-choo train tracks first. 

we aren't in love with the beds in this room because they take up too much space, so we're thinking about options. they might go to sis's room eventually, but we'll keep you posted. they'll stay put for now...
you been working on anything that took tooooooo long lately? got anything exciting going on? we had a birthday at our house this week, so hopefully you'll get to see pictures soon. have a great week!


  1. They look great! I love them! Haven't done a spray paint project in awhile and I'm kinda itching to do one..... thanks for the inspiration:)

  2. i can't believe you still have/wear that peace frogs shirt.

  3. u bet i still have/wear that shirt, sis. it's a fave :) i'm no longer allowed to wear it in public, tho... it's a bit stained/painted

  4. You did a great job - they look brand new!

  5. What a fun project, especially as seeing it was something from your youth! Good job.