Monday, October 24, 2011

it's a bit of a drive for us on sunday, so we usually grab some lunch before heading back home.  that way, 2 little munchkins get something in their bellies before falling asleep on the way back.  plus, it's a little treat for mama lunch too, but that's a secret.  :)

here are a couple cheeses having such a lunch at whataburger:


  1. whatabunch a happy faces @ whataburger!

  2. I agree, it DOES make a lot of sense to get the eating out of the way first! Then kids aren't grumpy and hungry and waiting on mom to whip something up after they get home. They can just go down for naps! Aidan told me I was really smart and when I asked how, he said because I can make food and that it's good to be smart like that so we don't all starve and die. =) Isn't life simple?

  3. Haha! Kids have the best explanations. :)