Monday, January 30, 2012

busy kids!

this girl has been sooo interested in coloring lately, specifically her name.  i about fell off my chair when she came to me one day with a crayon and paper saying, "help me color my name please, mommy."  how old are you, anyway?

we've been hearing lots of complete sentences, and i'm often reminded of one of her aunts as a child...  one who would sit in her room and chatter nonstop to her toys.  this girl has plenty to say, although only at home right now.  she's not extremely shy, but she definitely leaves the conversation to big bro when we're out and about.
and, the imagination on this kid is often quite hilarious as you can see.  impressive, though!

he's a tow truck for the monster truck (with stories from the recent monster jam show he went to), using a stethoscope from the doctor kit to pick up the front wheels.  it works like it was custom made!  the yellow piece is a rollbar made from the guardrail on his train track.  he had to remove it with some force i noticed, because it was on a piece of track that was intended as one piece...  he's wearing a hat and glasses like papa does when he's driving the scoop tractor, in case you were wondering.

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  1. oh, dear - ROFL! and sweet l'il A - not to be left behind at all.