Friday, January 27, 2012

how long does it take?

how long does it take to put something together when you've got lots of eager help?  as it turns out, a lot longer than when you're flying solo, so it's a good thing it's waaaaay more fun.  this was an all-day-long project for us, even though it would've taken some of you only a half hour.  :)

thing 1's room started with 2 twin beds, but they took up a large part of the "space" in his room because of the window, closet, bathroom door, and entry door arrangement.  and it seemed like they'd work better in thing 2's room, so we began a hunt for a different setup for thing 1.  with no designated guest room, our goal is for the kiddo's rooms to work as such whenever we have company - ideally one room with twin beds and 1 with a double bed of some sort.  i think we've accomplished it! 

the bed we got for thing 1 is a twin that extends to a king, so there's more space to play when it's just us. no separate play area in this house means the toys get carried to the living room (ALL of them, EVERY day). so, we wanted to arrange things so that hopefully there'll be more room to actually play in the bedrooms. still early, but it seems there's been some improvement in toy migration.  waaahoooo!

here are some pictures of the bed-assembling process, and the hard workers ride off into the sunset at the end (in a boat, in case you can't quite tell).

(a little work snuck in during naptime)

someone found quite the comfy perch!

trying out the newest choo-choo train...


  1. That's a neat looking bed. Looks like the kids were very intent on getting the job done right. The last picture is super-cute with everyone sailing away!

  2. Give the 'kid' a new bed to put together, and all he wants to do is play with the big box! KIDS! :)

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dresser in the precious post! Where did you find a twin that turns into a king? Great idea! As long as the kids have fun.... who cares how long it takes, right?! :-)

  4. It's IKEA! The HEMNES collection, and that includes the dresser too. We got that as a changing station/dresser for Ryker and have loved it since! Hopefully we like the bed as much.