Friday, January 20, 2012

a last leads to a first

the last nap in her crib
leads to the first night in a big girl bed.

we'd mentioned it to her a few times, and she basically dismissed us.  we got that i-heard-you-but-i'm-not-acknowledging-you look. 

just before her last nap in the crib, we told her that after her nap we planned to take her crib down and put her in a big bed.  she just said - i sleep in my crib.  hmmm.....
so, on with the party to see how she'd do.
 (yes, the kiddos had quite a time jumping on the crib mattress and helping daddy take the crib apart.)

team effort to move each piece out of her room!

quite the smug/proud look on her new bed!

and she's so content to play and read there

nice notatallmatching clothes, 'eh?  she insisted on wearing underwear after her nap, so we'd probably gone thru a couple pairs of pants by this point.  she IS doing really well with undies, though, and is SO determined to wear them just like her big brother!  not going to be outdone for 1 second, this girl.

pretending to sleep...

she did great the first night, and has been sleeping there for a few nights now.  naps are a little harder, but still going well!  maybe has something to do with toys usually all over the floor at that time of day?  so tempting!


  1. What a big girl she is getting to be! Love the 'giggle' pic. :) You have an awesome big brother in that little guy!

  2. Its funny that you write this because last night was Sam's first night in a big boy bed! He's still quiet in there and its getting really late. Wondering what I might find when I open the door? Such cuties, your kids are.

    1. Thanks! How's Sam doing with his new bed?

  3. L'il punkin's growing up way too fast.