Tuesday, January 31, 2012

going to the zoo - in january?

since the weather is crazy, we decided to enjoy it.  instead of whittling away on the never-ending-to-do-list, we spent saturday morning at the zoo.  a tad chilly, but SUPER sunny.  who would've thought that would happen in january?!?

lil miss walked around with her hands hidden in her pock-pock much of the time, and reminded us it was cooold, cooold whenever we'd leave a building.  towards the end, she opted to ride in the wagon wrapped up in a blanket.

we enjoyed hearing big brother announce the things he knew and understood, as his rendition is always entertaining.  :)

both were excited to watch the train, as usual.  but even more exciting was that daddy was with us since it was saturday. 


  1. I am just loving the pink hat and matching sweater! How fun that you are so close to a zoo and can take advantage of the 'tropical' weather! Looks like daddy had a good time, too! :)

  2. Definitely great to be outdoors in January, and of course zoos are always the best! This photo of your girl is adorable, and big bro sounds like a hoot!