Thursday, January 26, 2012

musical furniture

guess you haven't seen much of thing 2's room yet.  probably because there hasn't been much to see except this shelf here.  well, crib is gone and big beds are in place!  we stole her brother's beds and then proceeded to arrange and rearrange other stuff. 

(more on brother's room another day.  he got a new bed too, so all that time spent at IKEA wasn't completely wasted.)
as an added bonus, we finally hung up the curtain that had been sitting on her dresser for EONS! stole a curtain rod from the fireplace room, and couldn't be happier with our 2.99 brand new curtain from goodwill. 
sorry for the bad picture!  the light coming in that window is soooooo bright that pictures are difficult during the day.

and, really liking no curtain rods in the fireplace room!  just couldn't settle on anything we really liked for curtains in there, so we're going without. there are blinds, so it's just fine until the *perfect* thing comes along.

back to thing 2's room.  the shelf in there took the place of the dresser (which we didn't really need because of the closet shelves).  the dresser moved and is VERY happy in her new home in the dining room. she's still working on settling in, though, and is a tad sad that someone from craigslist came to pick up her friend china cabinet. we, on the other hand, are delighted!
this dresser holds more, matches better, and we got a couple bucks in our pocket.  PLUS, there's one less piece of furniture that we have to keep moving around until it's "right."  maybe even one day, you'll come visit and think of it as a buffet instead of a dresser.

a few more things out of the "to sort" pile, a few more things now have a home, and a few more pictures are in place in thing 2's room.  progress feels nice!


  1. Congratulations on selling the hutch...the dresser looks good there...can't wait to see it all in person. Love ya all Mom

  2. oh yeah, and we'll probably try to get a mattress on that bed before anyone tries to sleep in it :)

  3. Wow - we might think we're at the wrong house next time we visit! Great you found a buyer for the old hutch. Can't wait to see what you've done in R's room.