Monday, February 27, 2012

date night

our fabulous valentine's party hosts knew we'd be splitting up for a few days because of work travel, so they offered to watch our kiddos so we could spend a little time together before the trip(s).  it was refreshing, and we had a really nice dinner at waterfront grill.

e had the ahi tuna tower, which i would describe as a pretty presentation of rice and avocado with a pile of raw fish on top. 
i do like sushi - even the raw varieties - but, this was NOT something i was interested in even looking at.  my boy's an ahi tuna lover, tho, and i think he enjoyed it.

i had the pecan parmesan crusted trout with a lemony artichoke sauce on top.  deee-lish!

  we decided not to flash people at the restaurant, so that's why our pix are not the best quality...


  1. AWESOME!! It is amazingly refreshing to dine without the constant distraction of kids. Looks like a yummy place that you chose!

  2. Glad that you guys got a night sure the kiddos had a great time too!!!

  3. Nothing better then date night!! Looks like you had a nice time and both your dishes look yummy to me!!!