Friday, February 10, 2012

doughn't ya like bread?

i was inspired by the post over here to make some bread.  i really don't like store-bought bread very much, but i could eat literally loaf after loaf of the homemade stuff!  my first attempt was a tad dry, but i suppose it's been a few years?? since i made bread.  the second attempt turned out MUCH better.  used the recipe that tamara supplied for this site, and loved it!

 cinnamon rolls in progress
 wow, this looks like a lot of dough.  gonna split it in half - one side for rolls, and one side for a loaf.

 ready to be sliced!

after supper, this was left.  ONE piece of plain bread, and ONE piece of cinnamon.

stuck the rolls in the fridge to bake for breakfast the next morning, but somehow, i didn't get a picture of them before they were gone!  they were topped with cream cheese icing, which is actually the only good kind of icing.  yum!


  1. Since y'all devoured this, sure am glad you made more for us - YUM!

  2. Awww! Cinnamon rolls! My favorite of all things in this world. If I had to live on a desert island with only one thing to eat EVER, it would be cinnamon rolls. BUT alas I've never made any from scratch. OK on the to do list. Thanks Jen!