Wednesday, February 8, 2012

for the love of paper

i love all things paper and all things stampin up! brand.  i've loved this brand of loot since i made my first cards from their stamps that i ordered off of ebay during college.  there was a stampin up lady nearby at the time that i became friends with, and we even had a booth together selling cards at the farmer's market for a summer.

in the past couple of years, i've spent a little more time playing with paper again and trying to get albums going for my little things.  there've been good deals on the starter kit here and there, but i never felt like i had "time" to get it. 

i made a little deal with myself that when our house in OK was pretty well set up that i'd give it more serious thought.  things are mostly in order here now, so, well, you know what happened... a box arrived at our doorstep!  i got $340 of fun stuff for $125 shipped to my door.  that'll make a girl happy  :)

i'm a little surprised i am posting such a goofy picture of myself, but it was the only one of my face. 
and, you can see below that the kids thought it was pretty funny.

the contents of the box! 

not sure exactly how long i'll maintain my "demonstrator" status, but in any case i'm excited to have gotten a bunch of stuff i know i love for a screamin' good deal.  who knows, maybe i'll still be doing this when i'm 50.  :) 

of course, i'm happy to help you get a fun box shipped to your door, but i'd rather you come visit me and use all my new stuff.  i've been working on some fun projects, so maybe you'll get to see a picture sometime soon!

anyone been doing anything fun lately?  any new adventures?  tell me, tell me!


  1. I think, Jen, that you will be the best demonstrator they have EVER had! =) You will be giving yourself a spasm every time you try to show someone all the cool stuff they have. ;) And I think it's GREAT that you posted such a fun and happy picture of yourself. I've noticed that while I do enjoy posting what I consider flattering pictures of myself, I've also gotten more comfortable just being me.
    Can't wait to see all the incredible stuff you'll be doing with this box! Oh, and we have most adventuresomely been getting well from another round of coughs and fevers. Blech. I think we are well, though. If you want some cold and snow, COME AND VISIT US!!!!! =)

  2. Uh-oh, this may mean you'll be spending all your free time with this fun stuff instead of blogging!

  3. Happy Stamping Jen, I know you will be a great demonstrator. The most important thing to remember being a demonstrator is to Have Fun!(and I love your picture too). That's how I felt when I got my first box of goodies.