Wednesday, February 1, 2012


...those words of wisdom hit close to home.

just after i'd posted that lil quote, i learned that karen raber's life ended last night.  she was a dear friend of my mama's, and i have many fond memories of her. 

i'm so glad that mom spent yesterday sewing with her.  we (i) never seem to think there's enough time to get everything done and spend time with friends/family, but really what's the most important?  my dirty house can wait.  :)

we'd ride the bus home after school, and check every. single. day. to see if mom's car was at karen's house near the bus stop.  we knew she was only there maybe once a week, but we checked anyway.  mom at karen's meant yummy treats and at least 2 episodes of saved by the bell!  we'd sit in her swing and watch tv until mom made us leave.

i know mom will really miss her.  i will too. 


  1. I remember meeting Karen, and know she was a very special friend to your mom, who will miss her very much.

  2. glad that you too have wonderful memories of her. Remember the day that she had a "special tea party" for you and your friends...she was great that way! Love you too! Mom