Tuesday, February 21, 2012

mama was in the kitchen and saw us happily reading our stories all snuggled in this quilt:
so, she quickly grabbed her camera and snapped away.
we were totally engrossed, and didn't notice that she was still taking pictures.
and, since we weren't paying attention that she was watching we had a little squabble over the space in the chair.  thing 2: i'm really not going to put up with you squishing me and taking up more than half the chair.  you keep trying to scoot me over.

in fact, i have no problem with putting my elbow right in your face.

and, the pictures ended here... storytime didn't last much longer, and instead we played wrestle mania.  oh well.  mama's probably happy that she got a couple of us being nice in the chair. 

there was a lot of giggling going on under that quilt...