Monday, February 13, 2012

one of the things i was the most scared about moving to a new place was making friends.  not so easy for an at-home mama to get out and meet people and start up new friendships.  i don't seem to have any problem going out and doing things (notice i didn't say stay-at-home mama), but i do seem to have a problem keeping up with a conversation and 2 little things at the same time.  :) 

that being said, i feel so lucky that there are 2 other mamas nearby that have kids about the same ages that i've become friends with.  we have weekly playdates, but i'm not sure who looks forward to them more - me, or the kiddos.  one of those other mamas invited us to a valentine's party, and we had a fun evening! 

kara & adam, our hosts!

thank you papa & gram for babysitting, and thank you adam & kara for hosting!


  1. We sure loved being with you again. Call on us any time!!