Monday, February 6, 2012

did i miss something? winter?  a little confusing to move to a different state and then (so far...) miss a season.  we've only had 1 dusting of snow that lasted barely until the morning sunshine, and temperatures warm enough to play outside pretty much any ol' time we please.  like this:

and the ride went something like this: 
thing 1 - chatter, talk, chatter, talk, silence. 
thing 2 - gykee seepy.

i know it's been unseasonably warm everywhere, but it's still kinda wierd to have t-shirt weather this early.  i think i'd actually be fine with a few weeks of actual COLD.  the daffodils are pretty, tho...


  1. Ohhhh... how do you like that bike attachment? We had considered one, but so far haven't bought one. Yours looks fairly compact, and pretty sweet with the cover. Heavy or rideable?

  2. we (ha, maybe I should have e respond to this one since he's the one pulling them around in it) like it, and so do the kids. after quite a bit of research, we chose the burley one - safety, comfort, etc. but it was a big ($$$) splurge. it converts to a jogging stroller also (more $), and there's a baby addition you can buy as well (again more $). another reason we chose this one was because we NEVER found one like this on craigslist, and the bike shop said they never got them in used either because people didn't get rid of them during garage cleaning but instead came in for new tires from wear. we've had it since r was 2, i think. no complaints!

    1. That is awesome! The fact that it can convert to a jogger is great, too. Troy's been thinking more seriously about a jogging stroller but two-in-one?! We will definitely look into this one. Thanks for the help.

  3. Do you really and truly miss it? One of the reasons we loved living in Oklahoma - we didn't miss Illinois winters!!

  4. I love how he took his shoes off before falling asleep