Wednesday, April 4, 2012

and, we're off!

gram flew with us as far as washington d.c., and made sure we were going to get seats before getting on a flight back home herself.  here we are getting ready to board the flight to paris.  i'm hoping everyone will sleep since it's now supper time and there have been no naps yet today.

and, both kiddos fell promptly asleep.  during takeoff.  with partially eaten cookies in hand.  wow.  this will be an easy flight.

change of plans, mom.  we both only wanted 15 minute naps, and we'll be fine without sleeping until we get there.  we want more cookies.

things went pretty well, but it was an experience i won't soon forget.  just imagine how the 3 of us fit into the airplane bathroom, for instance.  or how it feels to be ushered to the front of the immigration line because your child has been awake far too long and needs a tissue right now when of course you don't have one.  (actually, it was very nice because the line was a good 2-3 hours long.)

anyway, here are the first glimpses the kiddos got of france.  daddy took the hotel shuttle bus to meet us at the airport, so here we are riding back to the room with him.  it's now about 2 or 3 am at home, and these kids are still going strong!

so exciting to be in a new place and see the daddy we've been missing for a week now!  and, there were flowers, chocolate, and cold cokes waiting for this lucky girl.  i'm guessing someone had an idea how crazy of an idea it was to make the trip to see him...

the original plan was to keep everyone awake as long as possible since they would've surely slept on the flight.  but, since no one did we all napped for 4 hours.  got up around 2pm local time, and headed out for lunch.  

we ate at flunch for lunch.  (so fun to say.  try it.  flunch for lunch!)

after lunch at flunch, we took the train down into the city and walked around the notre dame area.

crepe is a must when in as soon as you have a chance in france, so we found a sidewalk cafe next to notre dame. 

we quickly noticed that there were no other children around - anywhere.  we saw a few babies, but no children between baby and the 8 year old range.  weird. 

we also quickly noticed that our kiddos were given actual glasses with stems, no lids, and no straws at every restaurant.   can you believe that there was only 1 glass casualty the entire trip!

above - on the left, you can see the crepe "grill"

the 3 of us were getting very sleepy at this point, so we headed back.  we were also feeling a bit gross since we were still wearing the same clothes we'd travelled and slept in.  ewww.


  1. Daddy and the kids look SO happy to see each other! :) And, mmm-mm, CREPES!! Notre Dame is beautiful, so detailed. Did you get to go inside? Funny, though, it kinda resembles the hat a Catholic priest wears, doesn't it?

    1. we did go inside, but didn't do the full tour. the stained glass windows are AMAZING. there was a service going on while we were there, and it was very odd to be checking out the sights while there were people quietly sitting in the pews. yes, it certainly does have that resemblance, which i suppose is fitting since it's a roman catholic church.

  2. Wow! What a neat experience. I remember my German teacher telling us that in Europe sometimes dogs are more welcome than children!! Glad they managed the glasses and I bet they just thought that was the greatest thing. Looks like you had beautiful weather too. I think its great you risked the trek- you'll never remember how tired you were- just what a wonderful time you had.

  3. Papa & I are so glad it worked out for you to get over to Paris!