Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the one where we thought gram was leaving...

can you guess how many times these kiddos rode the carousel?  i think i lost track.
another fun ride at the mall!
and, a little baskin robbins to top off a fun time.

these are the last pictures i have of gram's visit.  the plan was to say good-bye to her at bedtime as she would be taking an EARLY flight back home.  but then, daddy called to say he needed to stay in paris a big longer - making his total trip 3 weeks.  yikes.

being the good gram that she is, she helped us get over there to see him.  instead of catching that early flight back home, gram flew to washington d.c. with us and helped us get on our flight for paris before going home.

we're back home now, and i'm working on picking out a few pictures for show and tell.  check back tomorrow.  :)


  1. So sweet of Gram to go with you and help with the kiddos on the flight. :) But, oh, my goodness! You got to go to France! Please, please post lots of pics of Paris! That is one of my Bucket List items--going to Paris. *sigh* Glad you are all home together now. Nothing quite like having Daddy home.

    1. I went when I was 16 and it's one of those must do's. Hubby has no interest in going, so I will gladly join a list of ladies taking a "ladies only" tour:)

  2. Very special days with you three! A few tense moments in D.C., but they finally got you on the flight - hurray!!