Tuesday, April 10, 2012

arc de triomphe and champs d'elysees

waiting on the hotel shuttle to the airport.  from there we rode the train into the city.

a kind tourist offered to take our family picture, but thing 1 wasn't so interested by this point.  oops.

and then, it was time to eat again.  we decided on bistro romain, an italian place on champs d'elysees.  couldn't have picked a better place.  my appetizer:  Chèvre chaud sur pain grillé et salade mêlée (warm goat cheese on crusty bread with salad)

the kiddos got the biggest (and best!) plates of Spaghetti à la bolognaise i've ever seen.  they were so excited, we just got action shots.

daddy's veal steak with pasta: Faux-filet de veau façon Rossini

mama's shrimp & scallops: Saint-Jacques et gambas à la plancha

creme brulee and glace (ice cream/sorbet) for dessert!

if you want to drool over all the other yummy looking stuff they had, check out the menu HERE!

strolled a little farther down champ d'elysees before heading back to the hotel...


  1. I have been catching up with my blogging friends, and what an adventure you have been on since I was last over to your blog! Enjoyed scrolling through all the other post, seeing pictures, and just imagining what it would be like over there! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful, so very beautiful! Thank you for sharing this. Just curious...did you get a bag at Louis Vuitton? **sigh** If I weren't so happy for you and enjoying this so much, I might get jealous. :)

  3. Sadly, all I got of Louis V. was a picture - from across the street. I was a little afraid one of my kiddos would share their spaghetti supper leftovers from their clothes, sneeze, or drool in there. I was also kinda afraid I might find something I REALLY wanted... ;)