Wednesday, April 25, 2012

then the birthday celebration with the families

travelling to illinois with only a slightly blocked rear view...
a quick ride with papaw, even before getting dressed!

at the birthday party:
a ride from cousin collin in the doll stroller
brunch is served!  yum-o!!

copying cousin lara, who was turning 5.  happy birthday to you too!!

wearing the cupcake craft on her shirt, holding a piece from the minnie mouse set she just opened, and using the new vacuum - all in the new dress-up shoes!

trying out one of the new books.  looks like a good one!

sooo pretty in my new birthday outfit.  at least mama thinks so.  :)

a whirlwind trip as usual, but we were so glad to see so much of our family.  now it's their turn to come visit us again.  (subtle hint...)

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  1. Happy BIrthday to your little one! I have to say that first picture reminds me of a many a trip when my kids were young. Wonderful memories!