Friday, April 6, 2012

the next few days

while daddy was working, we spent the next few days checking out our little area - roissy en france.  there were a few parks, a little grocery store, and some restaurants within walking distance. 
i decided i wasn't brave enough to take the kids down into paris to sight-see just because i was a tad scared of the subway with them.  i knew we could figure out where to go and what to do, but i wasn't confident that they'd just stand by me and wait for the trains.  thing 1, with his love of trains, wanted to see the tracks and wheels and explore in general.  the visions of him "exploring" down on the tracks was enough to keep us near the hotel while daddy was working.  plus, there was quite a step up and a gap to cross to board.  maybe when they're bigger i'll be more adventurous!

we had plenty to do near the hotel, and the weather was awesome for being outside at the park.

our lunches were usually from the grocery store - bread, cheese, juice, cookies.  doesn't get much better!  our favorite juice is "multivitamine" which is a multi-fruit juice but with a different variety than we'd get at home.  yum.

did you know there was a train at the park, too?!?

at first, i was kinda thinking this trip wasn't that much fun.  daddy's working loooong hours, the kids need entertainment, and we were totally off kilter with sleeping.

but, then i realized a few things.  there were no dishes to do, no house to clean, and not a whole lot to really worry about doing.  in fact, someone came in everyday to give us fresh towels and make our beds.  ahhh.

yes, our sleep was off, but that meant we were going to bed super late and sleeping super late.  when was the last time i got to sleep until 1pm everyday without feeling guilty?  and, our schedule actually worked really well for having supper with daddy.  he'd work late, the restaurants were open late, and we could eat together since everyone was still awake. 

as far as the kids needing entertainment, well, they need that at home too, but this time i had nothing to do but spend time with them.  so nice!


  1. What a beautiful, spontaneous 'holiday'! Sooo glad you were able to do this. :) Were you able to speak in French to get your groceries? I am so proud of you tackling that!
    But...what DO they do with their children over there? I don't think I've ever seen such an empty park in the spring.

    1. haha, no i just smiled and handed over the cash. :)

      we did see other children in the park around the end of the school day, but still no toddlers. so odd.

  2. Love all the photos and how you were able to relax and enjoy your kids. What an experience.