Sunday, April 8, 2012

a day at the mall

we convinced daddy to take us to the mall one day around lunchtime (aka wake up time when you're in a different time zone), and it was super to have lunch all together before he went back to work for the day.

our first experience without any type of stroller at a mall, and it went well!  i'm not sure how much would have been accomplished if we would have been actually looking for something, but we were just out to be entertained. 
our big purchase of the afternoon was a puzzle for thing 2, and she insisted on carrying the bag the rest of the day.  just now, i noticed the shop in the background.  prolly shoulda checked that one out!  maybe they had something for me?

we tried various smoothie and pastry vendors, all of which we loved!  these cookies were a fave - 2 cakey cookies put together with a big ol' layer of jam.
we ended our day at the grocery store at the mall.  it was much bigger than the mini-mart close to our hotel, and so interesting!  whole aisles of cheeses, yogurts, and breads.  mmmm. 

thing 1 insisted that i take a picture of the cart-pulling tractor.  he now comments every time we go to a store with carts that "they need to get a tractor to pull their carts," and is quite disgusted to see people pushing them back to the store.


  1. So funny you have the Jennyfer store in the background! Guess you better go back and check it out.

  2. you are a brave brave woman to venture into the mall without a stroller... lol. I'm too scared to try that yet

  3. How exciting! I am just checking your blog after being away from our computer for a week and learned that you are in Paris!!! I'm so happy for you and the kids. What a great experience! All those food pictures are great, as well as the ones of your two children soooo happy! ENJOY!!!

  4. I have been catching up with blogging friends and what an adventure you have been on since I was last over here. :-) LOVEd scrolling through your other post, seeing pictures, and all the smiles on your adventure over in Paris! Thanks for sharing.