Tuesday, April 17, 2012

our last day in paris

we had seen a grassy park area near the eiffel tower, so we took the train closer to that area this time. 
part of the trip was on a double decker train, although you can't really tell that from the picture.  both kiddos were thrilled to ride on it, because we'd seen them at the stations but hadn't been on one yet.  of course, as soon as we left the subway and saw the light of day we immediately started thinking about food.  yep, that's what's important.
the kids had a yummy sandwich with fries (nope, not called french fries there.)
this was THE BEST caprese salad i have EVER tasted.  the herbs were fresh but not overpowering, the tomatoes were perfect, and the balsamic vinegar was just right.  if gram wouldn't have been with us, i might have ordered a second one.  *wink*
french onion soup, and it was delish too!
happy 31st birthday, daddy!
creme brulee took the place of cake this time, but it seemed to be an acceptable swap!

a little walking around in the sunshine under the eiffel tower...

a carousel ride at the base of the tower - someone didn't mind at all being spoiled by gram.  it's showing through the cheese below.

took a cruise on the seine river on this boat.  both chillins fell asleep, and we got to relax while listening to all sorts of history about the landmarks we passed.

the most interesting was the ile de la cite - the island where the first people settled in the area.  it is amazing to think about, because of how long ago that was.  american history doesn't go back nearly that far!

even though it was still chilly, the sun was shining!  our bus tickets were for 2 days, so we got back on and rode a bit more. 

the trip home went really well, and we (i) owe a huge thanks to gram (and papa!).  it was an interesting day, even with 2 adults, but we made it!  the transition back to our time zone was smooth, thanks to such a long travel day.  the tired munchkins slept when they got home to their beds!!!

thanks for reading!


  1. Hey, now, I wouldn't have said anything - caprese salad is healthy and good for you! The onion soup was superbly delicious. It was special to be with all of you, and to be with my oldest on his birthday!

  2. Hmmm....I commented on here yesterday, but it has disappeared. My comment on another blog isn't there, either. Wonder what's going on. But hey, dear DIL, don't blame me for not ordering another caprese salad - it's healthy and good for you! Were you saving room for another crepe? That onion soup was very delish. So special to be there with all of you and to be with my oldest on his birthday!!

  3. I've commented on here twice but it keeps disappearing. I'll try again. The onion soup was delish, and hey, I wouldn't have said a thing if you would've ordered another caprese salad! (But I know you were REALLY saving room for crepe!)

  4. Well, I've commented on here several times, but they keep not being posted, so I'll try once more! Now, really, I don't think I should be blamed for you not ordering another caprese salad! But I know you were really saving room for more crepe. What a fun day, and special to be with my oldest on his birthday!