Monday, April 9, 2012

dinner dates with daddy

first, my apologies to anyone who thought that a series of posts about france would include pictures of, well, ya know, FRANCE.  i seem to have gotten a lot of pictures of my family, and few of other things.

soon, we'll change things up, though.  we did a little bit of actual sight-seeing on the weekend, so i'll show you a bit more of paris.

here are a few pictures of our dinners with daddy.  they ended up being late in the evening, and even with the time zone change-up - we had a couple giggly, goofy, or just plain asleep kiddos.
these were at del arte, an italian place at the mall.  super duper!!  our pizzas and calzone were yummy.
waiting for a table at the creperie. they appeared to be full, so we asked when they'd have an open spot for us.  9 o'clock was the reply.  folks left, and tables were cleared, but we didn't get sat until 9 o'clock.

thing 2 had a weeee little sleep while we waited for our food.  she was plenty excited to wake back up for her food, and plenty excited to stay awake long into the night when we returned to the hotel.  but that's another story that i'll likely spare you all.  funny how energizing a 20 minute nap can be, 'eh?

thing 1 being super careful with his cup

my dinner crepe - ham, cheese, potatoes, and creme fraiche.  that stuff alone is worth the trip over the pond.

my dessert crepe - banana and hot chocolate

after dessert of crepe and ice cream, the kiddos were served lollipops.  both of them were quite pleased.

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  1. Hey, pics of the family is good, too! (Just the crepes alone make me want to go to France.) But it is wonderful to see you all having such a great time together. The Eiffel Tower and l'Arc de Triomphe can just WAIT.