Monday, April 16, 2012

double decker bus tour - with gram!

saturday morning, gram arrived in paris!  it was really nice of her to come join us - i knew i would really appreciate the help on the flight back home, and this way she could be there to see daddy on his birthday.

after a train ride to the notre dame area, and a crepe snack (of course!) - we were ready to see a few sights. 
the weather on the weekend wasn't as perfect as it had been all week, but we braved the chill on the double decker bus tour anyway.
AMAZING details!

spent quite a bit of time gawking at the "old lady," but had gotten cold enough by this point to head to the lower level of the bus.  couldn't see much from down there, so no more scenery pics today! 

we eventually headed back for supper at the creperie near the hotel. we certainly enjoyed it before, and hoped gram would too!

the "especial" - black currant sorbet, whipped cream, and black currant syrup

hard to pick out pictures from alllllll we took!  there'll be one more post, and then i'll find something else to blah-g on about.


  1. LOVE the gold leafing detail on the National Academy of Music!Ooh, and La Tour Eiffel! Elle est magnifique! And HOW I envy those crepes...will you puh-leez come over and make one (or two) for us? You got the recipe, right? Right?! :) Thanks so, SO much for sharing!

  2. So fun to be there with you ~ glad I let you talk me into it!! (Didn't really take that much persuasion, though, did it!)