Saturday, September 24, 2011

classic vanilla pudding & peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies

gonna sneak a couple more everyday food  recipes in.  sorry.  :)

ripped these recipes from that magazine, but linked you up here and here if you'd like the recipes also.  (i used 2% milk in the pudding, not whole milk.)

the pudding was super rich, but oh-so-tasty!  the cookies were a bit dry, but went well with the pudding so serving them together was a good idea.

what?  you say you want to know what i'd do different next time?  ok!  i would not strain the pudding, because i didn't notice any chunks that needed to be removed.  that step was a time-consuming mess, and the pudding would've been quick/easy dish without it.  wouldn't change anything on the cookies!


  1. It was definitely another delicious dessert! Thanks for making so many yummy things for us!!

  2. Can I just come over for dessert? ;-) Looks yummy!

  3. Looks really good! Just loaded up on milk, so will have to try these recipes. Thanks for the yummy-looking pix, too!