Monday, September 26, 2011

a little homesick today, but thankful

the body of sgt. tim sayne is being transported to effingham today, and many of my other high school classmates will be attending a benefit on wednesday evening so that his family can travel to arlington national cemetary for services there.  he left an expecting wife and a young child. 

although i do not really know him well, his is the first name that i can put a face with when learning of a soldier losing his life.  i feel for his family and am thankful for the sacrifices he has made in serving our country.  my heart is there with the others watching on the side of the road as his motorcade passes.

thank you tim, and thank you all service men and women.

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  1. It makes it so much more real when you can put a face to it, huh? I remember when I heard for the first time about a classmate that had died serving for our country...very sobering.