Thursday, September 1, 2011

i've heard...

...that you learn something new every day.  well, yesterday, i completely exceeded that pace, and made a little list in honor of the event.  you want to learn more, you say?  it's your lucky day  :)

1.  impossible to go to sam's club to "just look" around.  thing 2 and i had some extra time, so we decided to go have a coke (just for mama) and a pretzel (for us both!).  the general intention was just to browse, and i know you want to know why we chose this location for browsing.  well, thing 1 goes to school at 8:15, and it's 30 min. from home.  thing 2 will fall asleep on the way back into town at 1145ish if we go back home for the morning, which usually means she wakes up when i try to put her into bed at 1245ish.  NOT GOOD!  so, we often frequent target (and the snack bar) until something more interesting opens.  (notice any unhealthy patterns??)  this day, we chose sam's because we've got a bunch of family coming this weekend.  YAY!!!!!!  i thought maybe we'd come across something interesting to put on a menu.  wouldn't you know that they had meat marked down for quick sale, and our trip went downhill cart filled up from there! 
we found all kinds of pretty things.  flowers, kid chairs, clearance shorts.  the flowers were a sorta-planned purchase, i do hafta admit.  hubby and i started 'officially' dating 15 (yes, 15!) years ago, so i wanted to get him flowers.  they're kinda boyish, do ya think?
and then, we busted right through our routine of hanging around town all morning, and took our groceries home.  we also got to sneak in an extra load of laundry and some playtime, which brings us to the next lesson.

2.  lil miss can stay awake on the trip into town if i keep her giggling  :)  they usually both fall asleep on the way back, and that's great.

3.  some things are in us by nature.  lil miss does not like water.  i always put water in her cup.  always.  she never, ever drinks it.  ever.  not at home, not at a restaurant, not anywhere.  not at any temperature.  her brother is great about drinking water, so he usually has one cup of (very) diluted juice during a day.  i know she's thirsty, because if her cup is 99% water and 1% anything else, she'll suck it down.  all of it.  in 2 seconds flat.  she's her mama's. 

4.  the moose is dirty dancing.  on the way home from school, thing 1 was 'reading' if you give a moose a muffin to me.  he got to this page,
and told me "mom, the moose is dancing with his peepee [out]."  i told him that was his tail - like dogs, cats, and horses have tails.  "no, mommy, that's his peepee."  i let it go, because i learned the next lesson.

5.  sometimes it is best not to argue with a 3 yr old. 


  1. Oh, my dear DIL, thank you for this fun blog! We're missing you all, but reading this helps us peek into your day, and we love it!! Those grandkids.....! Yes, hard to believe it's been 15 years already, and yes, the flowers are very 'manly'!

  2. HA! I laughed out loud! So cute.

  3. I have to agree, I can see where Thing 1 gets his idea about the moose. I can very much relate with the shopping misc too...oh boy! The flowers are definitely boyish, very neat!