Monday, September 12, 2011

cooler weather, where did you go?

as you can see, we totally love eating outside on our patio.  it's on the east side of our house and in the shade at suppertime.  it was really fun to go out there last week when it was cool, especially after we (oops.  i mean "i") found this kid-size picnic table on clearance at sam's.  yep, i went there again.

miss cheese, herself.  showing you her peach.

one of my favorite things about eating out here is the cleanup.  i clean up while the kiddos (all 3!) run off to play.  :)
(sorry, i don't know what's up with blogger's pictures today, but a couple of mine did not load correctly and i'm not gonna spend any more time on it right now.)

so, cooler weather, if you want to come back and see us, we'd totally enjoy having you.  just don't be an overachiever about it yet.  thx!

1 comment:

  1. Miss cheese for sure, silly girl! So, do I pack two suitcases, one for hot and one for cold?