Tuesday, September 13, 2011

pioneer woman meatballs!

i tried these this week, and they were tasteeee.  problem is, they took forEVER, and you can see why here.  oh yeah, and i didn't put all that nasty onion in.  i did sub some onion powder in the meat mix, but that's it.  soooooo not a fan of onions, and i think it's kinda mutual. 

so, while i might make them again, it will most definitely not be for a weeknight supper. 
see those nasty looking veggies?  they were actually pretty good.  they're butter peas that i picked up in the frozen section a while back.  problem = when i use frozen veggies it's usually because of a time issue.  these lil guys took 45 min on the stovetop, and microwaving wasn't recommended.  so, i'd pick them out of my freezer, and toss them back in again.  this time, though, they made the plate.  :)


  1. Thank you so much for your comment yesterday! You and I just might share the same love for veggies! ;-) Hopping on as a follower, looks like we might have some friends in common. :-)

  2. mmmm. looks good! I may just try these suckers....