Tuesday, September 27, 2011

warrior dash

on saturday, we went to a crazy, crazy race.  we think dad had a lot of fun, but got a little too dirty for many hugs.  and, that face paint was kinda scary. 
most of the race was out of spectator view, but this obstacle was near the finish line:
2 of the warriors - carlan and nevin:
his goofy racing self:
not sure why he's really so pleased about being sooooo nasty, but he is.  we think he wanted us to see how white his teeth are:
in any case, we're glad to see him smiling.  and, we're glad he finished with his whole self intact.


  1. Looks like quite the experience. But his smile says it all! ;-)

  2. Oh, my! But we still love him mud & all! We'll take care of the kids if you want to join him next time!!