Sunday, September 18, 2011

family time is always fun

we are sad to say goodbye to papa & gram today, but we're happy they came to visit!  the kiddos certainly love having them around so they can boss play with them, that's for sure.  we made lots of fun memories this week (even if we forgot to take enough pictures). 

this picture is hilarious, don't you think?  thing 1 was so excited about the fire on the hibachi grill, and papa - well, i'm just not sure.  :)
a great big thank-you to papa & gram for all their help.  we've got a new garage door opener, a ton (literally, i think) less weeds in our landscaping, 2 happy munchkins, and we even got to go on a date.  i think this pretty much means they can come whenever.  i wonder what they're doing next week?


  1. Fun, fun days make wonderful memories. I think Papa was excited to see thing 1 so excited about the fire on the grill! Missing you all!!

  2. Slowly figuring out who you are. I actually met the Gram in your picture at a preps earlier this year! Not sure if she is your mom, or your husbands mom. Fun connecting the dots. :-) I LOVE that last picture, that is frame worthy with all the excitment!

  3. She's my husband's mom. I think you and I were both actually at Brownstown together this year, but we left at noon on Sunday so didn't do too much visiting. Look forward to meeting you someday!

  4. YES!!! I remember now seeing your little guy with his Papa! I remember thinking he was TOO cute, and also Kinzie saw him and was studying him as well...she picks out people that look similar to her. Connecting dots more and more. How fun to find you in blogland!!