Tuesday, September 20, 2011

thing 2

i heard an unfamiliar rhythmic sound coming from the living room, so i thought i'd better go check it out.

she was so pleased with herself until she realized i was looking. this shelf is a "no-no" because she apparently inherited some page-ripping abilities from me. 
"look ma, i put them all down here for you and didn't rip out any pages.  please forgive me?"

she immediately started putting them all back up on the shelf when she saw me.  i helped her, and after the last one was put back she gave me a huge grin and ran off to play in her room.  what a little stinker/sweetie!


  1. Oh my word...you can just see in her expression the fun she was having!! I forgot about those days. I can actually think they are cute now. ;-)

  2. Aw, you spoiled her FUN!! She needs something to do while big brother's at school!

  3. maybe we should try this the next time we need a stress reliever?! She could be on to something!