Tuesday, September 6, 2011

company = motivation

it's not that i always lack motivation, it's just that sometimes there isn't enough time!  excuses, i know.  anyway, i did hang another picture in the living room, so now there are only 8,925 more to find places for.  finished while anxiously awaiting my family's arrival for the weekend! 

double bonus:  not only is the picture up on the wall, it's ALSO off the floor  :)
always more to do...
1.  update the topiaries since they look a little sad (and teetery) from the move.  
2.  update the 2 "people" pictures.  i haven't quite found the box containing the most recent ones...  and cris, i don't have a newer one of you 2 (hint, hint)
3.  move all the toys before the picture next time.  orange ball, shoo to you!

hope you had a really fun weekend.  i did.

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  1. We had a wonderful weekend...thanks for everything--good food, great company, fun times...very relaxing and great! Love you guys!!! Mom and Dad