Thursday, September 8, 2011

pincushion bird

mom brought this bird with her, and it needed to be "dolled up" a bit. sorry, there are no before pictures, but here are a couple of the finished birdie. 


we gave her pink glittery feathers, a felt hair flower, brown floral tape to cover her gray wirey legs, pink toenails, eyes, a felt beak, pink wool hair, and attached all her pieces with pins since she is a pincushion, after all.  she might get a boa before making her debut at the quilt show, she wasn't sure the one we picked out matched well enough.


  1. I think I need one of these to put on my white cabinet in my fun room. Get on that ... thanks.

  2. i can certainly decorate another one for you, but i certainly cannot sew it. it would look like some kind of space blob if i tried. maybe u can talk mom into it?