Friday, September 23, 2011

peach crumble pie

yet another everyday food recipe post.  i'll try to branch out a little more next time, but...  i tried a recipe from rachael ray this week that didn't turn out so great, so we'll see.  (yep, i'll spare you those details.)

next time, i'd double the crumble topping.  it was good this way, but that would make it better.  and, you know it's hard for me to just be happy with the way a recipe was written...


  1. Looks super yummy! Perfect with a cup of coffee. :-)

  2. Is this the pie you made for us? The one that we polished off in one sitting?! (At least there were 6 of us enjoying it!!)

    @ Darcie - since the piebaker isn't a coffee drinker, her mum-in-law (me) will share a pot with you!

  3. yep, that's the one i made for you. sorry none of these recipes are anything new to you - nothing else super interesting happened this week :)